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To receive the risk management premium discount, you must complete 3 hours/3 credits annually. The online MedRisk® courses listed below may be taken to fulfill the requirement.

Attention NY Policyholders: 1) NY policyholders MUST take one of the two “Foundation” courses prior to taking a “Follow Up” course in order to be eligible for a risk management premium discount. Thereafter, “Follow Up” courses may be taken in any order of sequence.*

2) NY State Insurance Reg. 124- Excess Medical Malpractice Insurance Program participants: Please note, the MedRisk courses listed below do NOT satisfy the requirements for the NY Excess Program. Please contact the Allied World Risk Management Department at 860.284.1305 for information on Reg. 124 Excess Program eligible courses.

Attention Texas Policyholders: 1) If you are a policyholder located in Texas please contact for additional information on how to access risk management courses for Texas policyholders.

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Year 1:

Foundation Course: Risk Management Rounds: Psychiatry (2nd Ed.) (a 5-credit course) OR

Foundation Course: Risk Management Rounds Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (2nd Ed.) (a 5-credit course)

Year 2

Follow-Up Course: Risk Management Focus: The Complete Series (3rd Ed.) (a 7-credit course)

AND Risk Management Focus: Boundaries (a 2-credit course) for a total of 9 credits. This course must be completed in combination with another approved course for a total of at least 3 hours/3 credits to qualify for the risk management premium discount.

If you are completing Year 2 courses, please register for both of the required courses at one time to ensure that you will meet the 9-credit requirement.

Year 3

Follow-Up Course: Risk Management Consult: Documentation (2nd Ed.) (a 6-credit course)

Year 4

Follow-Up Course: Risk Management Consult: Informed Consent (2nd Ed.) (a 5-credit course) OR

Risk Management Rounds: Psychiatry (2nd Ed.) (a 5-credit course) OR

Risk Management Rounds: Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (2nd Ed.) (a 5-credit course)(If you have not yet completed it)

Year 5

Risk Management Rounds: Ambulatory Care (2nd Ed.) (a 6-credit course) OR

Follow-Up Course: Repairing Difficult Patient Relationships (2nd Ed.) (a 6-credit course)

Year 6

Follow-Up Course: Risk Management Consult: Achieving Cultural Competence (a 6- credit course)

Additional Risk Management Courses for non- NY Policyholders

Risk Management Consult: Managing the Risks of Defensive Medicine (6-credits)

Risk Management Consult: Electronic Medicine, Second Edition (5-credits)

Risk Management Focus: Prescribing Controlled Substances (3-credits)


Note: Follow Up Courses may be taken in any order of sequence.

If you were previously insured with another company and took a NY State approved Foundation Course through them, please contact Allied World’s Risk Management Department at 860-284-1305 to advise.

If you have successfully completed a MedRisk® course in the past, you may NOT register again for the same course, and will not receive CME credit or malpractice premium credit for such registrations.


Note: All registrations are final after fourteen days. After that time, we will be unable to switch you over to hard copy or refund your registration fee.


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